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Moong Dal Recipe

  Moong dal - works as Diesel to your baby carries the complex carbohydrates which keep your baby full for longer hours, and keep baby active throughout. Easy to prepare and the healthiest option for kids and babies. This dal can be made in several different ways. Rich in vitamins like A, B, C, E  along with many minerals that prevent various health benefits to your youngsters and even babies. On one hand if folic acid in this dal helps in producing new cells, especially RED Blood cells on the other hand phosphorus is good for maintaining the good health of your heart. It also helps in enhancing the liver function of your growing babies. Even this dal contains so many benefits hence it is a priority for many parents for their kids. Though serving this simple dal with rice only makes a simple yet amazing combination, still, kids make many different faces when they see this dal on the dinner table. It is always a task to make your child eat any dal like this that carries several decent
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How to serve Bottle Gourd to Kids

  Bottle Gourd - Let’s Hide it.  Well, Being a mom I know how kids react to veggies and their names. It doesn’t matter if your child is 2 years old or 20 years old, if they are picky eaters they will give you a full damn attitude about not eating vegetables. Especially once they start understanding the names of the vegetables or maybe they had listened to their elder ones about not eating Ghiya or Tori, Or Tinde just because these veggies don't sound good or interesting.    But we as mothers know how important it is to feed them these vegetables or their benefits for kids. But even if we don’t talk about all these important or benefits, we need vegetable options thrice a day to make. So from where you will get the fancy vegetable options all the time, especially in Indian kitchens where these Dal, sabzi and roti formulas run daily. You can’t make fancy food thrice a day, Come on we have other work too. Or we can’t order food just because our kids give us a hard time eating these ve

Beetroot Halwa - Without a crystal of sugar in it.

  Beets are the richest source of Vitamin B9 which helps cells grow and function very well. They play a key role in controlling the damage in blood vessels and reducing the risk of heart diseases. Beets being the versatile and vibrant type of vegetable is known for its earthy flavor just like potatoes and sweet potatoes, but have more richness than them. They are the complete package of essential vitamins, minerals, plant compounds. They don’t only give your plate a vibrant and pop out color but they give you the pop out benefits too. Whether you are using them as salad or as vegetables to consume in your daily routine or even as a medicine in case you are feeling anemic. Eating beetroots maintains healthy potassium levels.  Now either you are using them for your kids to make their cheeks glow like roses or you are giving it to your parents in their old age to help them with anemic conditions or to help them fight with heart diseases. Beets are perfect at every age.  A half of beetroot


 Well, the biggest question and all-time worry in the mind of mothers, that How To Feed A Toddler . And this was the same question I struggled on too when I became a mother of twins. That question keep hitting my mind all the time when I started giving my twins solids. And I know most of us who are mothers surely struggling with this kind of question too. In today's world, we all are so occupied with so many things that we barely get time to cook food properly or like our mothers who used to serve us - proper meals. Well, I don't know about others but my mother used to give me a full plate, which includes salad, sabzi, dahi, papad, and a roti. She always used to say that she is not worried about chapati, we finish it or not, but her main concern was always the rest of the items. We were not allowed to leave the dining table without finishing our plates.        Now you must be wondering and recollecting your memories that yes when you were a kid you also used to follow some rule